Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Progress - Elbow Pads

Progress on the suit happened a lot faster than I expected and unfortunately I didn't get time to update as things were happening, so in this post I am going to detail of the elbow pads only and then the rest of the uniform I'll post in one or two other posts.

Elbow Pads:

The elbow pads for the suit are Padded MMA Knee Pads, I purchased mine from Amazon.

The first thing I had to do to them was to remove the logos from the front, I used a scalpel and a pair of craft tweezers and managed to remove the logos whole.

The next step is to paint them grey, I used a grey primer spray from Halfords. I bought two of the 500ml cans and used a whole can and some of the second can but still have quite a lot spare. I'd seen someone either on the forum or on the Facebook fan page that had pulled their pads over 2ltr pop bottles to spray them, so I did the same. It made it very easy to spray them and meant I could get great coverage on them, also I held the bottle top when spraying so I didn't get too much paint on my hands although I do still recommend using gloves if you can (I use them for work so it was easy for me to get some). 



Once I had checked all around the pads to make sure I hadn't missed any spots (and re-sprayed any that I had) it was then time to trim them down. I used a pair of craft scissors and the just singed the edges to seal them so that they didn't fray, and these are the finished result:

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