Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Beginning!


My name is Jess and this is my blog about putting together my Ghostbusters costume, I decided to make a blog to track my build and for anyone else who is looking to do something similar.

Eventually I hope to build a Proton Pack as well as most of the other props (PKE Meter, Ghost Trap, etc.) but for the moment I am focusing on the actual uniform. I am hoping to have it completed enough to wear when I attend the London Film and Comic Con this July. So here is where I am so far.

My first purchase was the patches for the costume, I ordered these from Katarra8 on Etsy and was very pleased when they arrived. They arrived on the date of the Ghostbusters 30th anniversary which was an awesome surprise :)

I'd accidentally ordered the name patch with velcro on the back but when my suit arrived it had velcro where my name patch was supposed to go anyway so that was a happy accident! The suit fit awesome except being a little large on the arms but once I have my elbow pads on it'll be fine. I got the flight suit from eBay.

The next step was attaching the patch onto the suit which took me a lot longer than I expected it too.

Very please with how it turned out, I made sure to stitch the edges of the ghost down too to make it more secure.

Here it is so far including my Harold Ramis memorial badge above my name patch. My elbow pads arrived today:

I got these from amazon, hoping to scratch the logos off tonight then need to buy the spray paint for them as soon as I can. Sorry this post is image heavy, I'll be posting more often so shouldn't be like this in future :)